Not-So-Isolated Mothering

People assure me all the time they read my blog, though I only have one person formally ‘following’ my blog. It was a comment from her that prompted today’s post (I have an article due and should be writing that instead).

The comment was in regards to my gratitude post (which in hindsight was a little sappier than planned – sorry). She thanked me for a good smack upside the head on a day she was feeling grumpy. I liked the way she put it. I think that’s something we all need. Parenting is such an isolating job, particularly when one parent is working and the other is home all day. It is so easy to get a little lost in petty resentments simply because there is no one there to help you talk it out. It helped a little to at least have a one-sided adult conversation with the boys when they were six weeks old but the last time I tried that with my three year old I got a blank look and a request for a yellow yogurt tube. Now, if that frustration has to wait until The Husband gets home, it seems to have grown bigger than it ever needed to be.

I think that’s why I value my mommy friends so much. Hearing similar complaints from other mothers is such a help. I don’t wish them ill but it is nice to know that what I feel is normal. It helps me get past whatever is bogging me down and remember why I love being a mother. I just wish I could find the time to spend more of it with them. Instead, I must write. For those of you in the area… shall we do a girls night soon?

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3 Responses to Not-So-Isolated Mothering

  1. dawna says:

    yes! i need to look at my calendar.

  2. Divawrites says:

    We apparently have a mutual admiration society going on today, because your Sandwiched blog inspired MY post today.I oh yeah, I understand…it’s good for my husband to be home once in awhile to see what it takes to work from home around a small child.Now I have to go. Aforementioned small child has discovered that she can peel hard boiled eggs herself…and we have a handy dandy slicer. She will actually EAT sliced eggs, so who am I to argue…but she’s a bit overzealous and I need to intervene now.

  3. She Blogs Get Over It says:

    i hear you… we aren’t complainers… we are women… we vent.. its a sisterhood and we are out here – all of us… thanks for the gratitude post – I try to keep that word in mind, especially when my kids are testing my patience and I am remembering my carefree 20s of career, travel, and tonnes of social interactions… I’ll remind all of us – we are doing the good work – we are the lucky ones… Cheers, Sally(0:

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