Active Living Challenge: Small Successes

Okay… just because I haven’t been talking about physical activity lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing it… or at least trying.  For someone who has never lived a particularly physically active life, I have to admit this has been a real challenge.  However, it is one I am very glad I have undertaken.

The project has two levels.  First, getting myself physically active.  I’m not forcing myself to do the insanity video every day or anything but I am requiring at least some level of physical activity every day.  I haven’t been successful everyday but I have been out and active far more than my usual (with the possible exception of yesterday… I just couldn’t convince myself to get out in that freezing cold wind).

Second, I am trying to raise a more physically active family.  Childhood obesity rates in this country are far beyond acceptable, not that my two tiny boys are at risk of obesity any time soon, but instilling inactive habits now will produce an adult like me… too wimpy to risk a walk in a little wind.

We have had some successes.  For a month now we have been taking the boys swimming every Saturday afternoon.  The kids are getting active, having a ball and getting far more comfortable in the water.  Mommy and Daddy have also been getting active, having a great time watching the boys discover a new experience.  If we could only talk The Girl into coming with us, it would be the perfect family activity.

I’m slowly getting immune to impatience of the walks around the block.  The boys are still having a great time and I am making it three quarters of the way around the block before silently seething with frustration.  Maybe by summer we’ll be able to make it to the park and back!

Today a colleague and I needed to meet and talk over some issues, instead of talking on the phone we went for a walk.  We got our work done and felt better when we were done.  It was a small decision but a good one.

The biggest hurdle so far has been momentum.  It is so easy to prioritize all the other things we need to do, if I even back off for a day it’s that much harder to make us get out again. All of the multitude of things that require my attention and mental energy in a day relegate physical activity to just one more thing on the to-do list and I really don’t like looking at it that way.  I want physical activity to be a release; to energize me rather than exhaust me.

I’m just not sure how to get myself there.

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