I’ve been feeling thankful this weekend and I think, particularly as a mother, that’s a great place to be emotionally.

As a family, we have had a rough year. My mother’s illness has been all encompassing and has had a trickle down effect to our heath, to our stress levels, even to the state of the house (still chaos!). Finally things seem to be settling down, at least I really hope they are. The surgery is behind us and my work is starting to get back on track. My stress levels are starting to settle back down and I’m hoping some semblance of normal is starting to re-establish itself.

What the past few months have taught me is gratitude. I have caught myself a number of times over the last few days just looking at the things in my life, particularly my kids and my husband, and feeling grateful. I have beautiful kids who are healthy, and happy, and confident in the fact that they are loved. I have a husband who supports me unconditionally and stands by me in times of crisis. I have a step-daughter who is blossoming right in front of my eyes, and is becoming a generous and thoughtful woman. I have close relationship with my sister and my mother that gives my support I know I can count on no matter what happens. I even have great in-laws.

My world has seemed to implode lately but, when I step back and look at the big picture, I am incredibly lucky. The world is moving faster and faster and the increased pressure from the recession can only make things harder for families, but I think we all need to take time for a little gratitude. We all have great things in our lives, especially if we have kids. Taking time to remember that is an important part of changing our perspective and therefore changing our lives.

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  1. Divawrites says:

    Thanks for a good smack upside the head on a morning when I was feeling grumpy and unappreciated.

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