A Rough Start to the Day

Well, there’s nothing like a little slap in the face by reality to put your life in perspective. I’ve been getting a little too caught up in the day to day pressures of life and work with a young family to care for. I’m hoping the presence of the paramedics on the doorstep will help me snap out of it.

Everyone is fine but we had a rather frenetic trip to the hospital. I won’t go into details due to privacy issues and, rest assured the kids were not involved, but it was a pretty big jolt.

It wasn’t how I’d choose to start our day but I learned some really great things this morning….

The Husband and I work pretty darn well under pressure. We did what needed to be done with no questions, no spats, we just understood what the other needed and got it done. (We’ll leave the fact that he took the keys to the van with him to the hospital, leaving me stranded at home with no way to get the boys to day care or to the hospital myself, to another day.)

I knew it already but we have a pretty great, pretty responsible teenager in the house. The Girl did exactly what was asked with no questions and no complaints. The boys were well cared for and she still got to the school bus on time.

We have great neighbours. The two boys next door showed up on the heels of the ambulance ready to take the boys or do anything else we needed.

We have great medical care when we need it. The Paramedics were professional, kind, gentle and even a little funny. They even remembered their last visit here more than a year ago (my gall bladder attack – not fun).

I think it’s time for another moment of gratitude.

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  1. Divawrites says:

    The universe does have a way of smacking us upside the head sometimes.Glad everyone is okay.

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