Mommy Confesstions: My Bumpy Bear Crush

I have begun to covet my son’s teddy bear.

Now, you could be forgiven for sneering a little at the idea of a 36 year old woman wanting a Teddy Bear but you haven’t met this bear.  He’s a pretty fantastic bear. 

He even has a book written about him…

and sat for his own portrait

…he’s not your average bear. 

You can see why I might be a bit smitten.

It is not, however, just his worldly experience that has prompted my crush.  He’s got just the right amount of stuffing, he’s a very good cuddler and he’s got the most soulful eyes.  There are many stuffed animals out there ready to play, but only a true child’s love toy can look at you with the perfect mix of understanding and compassion.

Best of all, Bumpy Bear always makes things better.

That’s what I covet most about this special bear.  Bumpy Bear came into our lives in a very special and meaningful way. Since those first dark days he has continued to offer the simple comfort all of us need.  Many times I have found myself cuddling my son and holding Bumpy Bear just as tight as the Dude.  There is something about his eyes.  They understand.

For Bumpy Bear it is simple; a hug will make it all better.  As an adult, I know it is not that simple.  Life is complicated and balancing responsibilities is hard.  Whether it is illness or arguments, bills or exhaustion we learn to just power through and get it done.

I think maybe that’s what I love so much about Bumpy Bear.  He lets me think, just for a moment, that maybe it is that simple.  Maybe a quick cuddle will make it better.

So Big Dude…. I know he’s yours and I’ll never take him away or donate him to another child… but if you do find him missing from time to time, look for me.  I might just need to borrow him for a little while to let myself believe, if only for a moment, that a hug will make it all better.

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2 Responses to Mommy Confesstions: My Bumpy Bear Crush

  1. Lisa MacColl says:

    I totally understand. My daughter has Blue, a blue bear, and Bunny, who has hidden in her backpack most of school, and went to pottery camp and sat on the counter and watched, went to all day summer camp and hid in the backpack until the day he was almost left behind and then he stayed home with mommy the next day. I suspect Bunny will probably sneak into Laura's backpack for first day of Grade 1. My daughter has, among other things, anxiety, and if Bunny lessens it, Bunny goes with.I still love teddy bears and I'm almost 49. We get comfort wherever we can, and I don't think needing hug is ever wrong.Hugs. Bumpy-give your boy's mommy a hug.

  2. Ellen Venner-Hiltz says:

    Isn't it amazing to see your child's first massive crush unfold before your eyes? The thing I find so truly incredible is that all of that love seems to have a magical effect. The two beloved Bumpy Bears in our home "bear" little resemblance to your Big Dude's bear now. All that snuggling and loving have transformed them into creatures every bit as unique as their little owners!!

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