Crock Pot Love

Not everyone loves the crock pot.

It seems, in my enthusiasm for discovering just how much time I can save with this fabulous new mommy rescuing device, I have gone overboard. Last week, in perparing for my regular Friday playdate, I decided to try a new crock pot soup recipe (the jury is still out on this one so I’ll refrain from posting the recipe). It needed many hours to cook so I decided to put the vegetable on the night before and let the slow cooker work its magic overnight. There in lies my mistake.

It didn’t bother me at all but The Husband woke in the middle of the night and could only smell the soup. He says it invaded his dreams. When he got home from work the next day he says he could still smell it and when offered some to eat he refused, later telling a friend the smell had turned him off so much that he coudln’t even try it. All is not well in crock pot land.

Never fear, I will not give up! The freedom that comes with the crock pot is too precious, however, I will still clear of overnight crock potting (The Husband had asked I never make that soup again!).

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