Conquering the Clutter

I smiled this morning when trying to get my two youngest out the door. My hall closet is clean. That makes me happy. It’s just one small space but it has been driving me crazy for months. You see, my house has been overwhelming me. I have begun to feel like the house is running me, when I am supposed to be in charge of it. It truly feels like, every time I managed to clear a space, I turn around and the clutter is worse than when I started. It’s amazing how adding just one more person to the mix has exponentially increased the stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis. It’s not that The Girl is messy, she’s not really, it just seems that going from four to five people in the house was the tipping point. I have made some attempts to manage the chaos but I have been failing.

I am now on a mission. A friend, who’s a proponent of (an online coach for decluttering and organizing life) is getting me started. I am going to regain control, even if it kills me (some days it feels like it just might). She has me setting a timer for 15 minutes and getting to work clearing just one space at a time. It’s a good system. The closet that has been overwhelming me took, maybe, 20 minutes, yet just looking at it had been making me tired for months. I did the kitchen too. I cleared out some stuff that didn’t need to be there. I broke my favorite and only covered soup pot while I was at it (not the highlight of my day) but I still managed to lower the stress I felt entering the room.

It really is amazing how much stuff we accumulate, not just in a lifetime, but sometimes in a week! I do my best not to live the life of western decadence and don’t want to buy stuff I don’t need but it still manages to pile up far too quickly. I have conquered two rooms (yes, a hall closet is not a room but lets humour my sense of accomplishment here) and I’m on a roll. The thought of all I have left to do is still exhausting but it’s a start and just looking at the clean island in my kitchen makes me feel a little better. Room by room I will get control. Maybe I should fish out the knight costume my son refused to wear for Halloween as my armour. I’m doing battle with my house and, today at least, I’m winning.

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2 Responses to Conquering the Clutter

  1. dawna says:

    yay, megan!! i’m so proud of you! and i know how great you feel today. for the record, the hall closet definitely counts as a room. be forewarned, though… that hall closet,plus the shiny counter in your kitchen will be contagious, and you are at risk of being addicted to using your timer and clearing out more clutter. 🙂 don’t worry, that’s a good thing.hugs, d.p.s. i feel i should clarify that flylady is not just about cleaning and organizing, but also about loving yourself, finding peace in your home, and blessing your family.

  2. Divawrites says:

    I know that feeling of conquering the hall closet…I just attacked ours too!I had tidied our whole house before out of town guests in October, and it is slowing creeping back into its former level of hovel. One of my cousins is coming up for a hockey tournament this weekend, and the last time she came, I had been working flat out, my house looked like a bomb went off in it. I WILL NOT have it look that way again when she comes…even if it kills me, which it might because I have a nasty bout of bronchitis…oh well, stubborn and determined can trump alot of things…Thanks for the inspiration

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