A Boxing Day Without the Stores…

Nova Scotia may seem like a backwater to many folks… I mean they didn’t have Sunday shopping until a year or so ago and Boxing Day is still a full statutory holiday with … gasp… stores that stay CLOSED! How do we survive?

I’m currently in a household with seven kids and five adults. Yesterday, being Christmas’s, was chaos, but today, rather than lining up at the nearest Future Shop, we all rose late and had a big breakfast. The kids played with their toys and my generous husband has now taken all but the littlest ones to a movie.

Today is, in fact, our vacation from our holiday. We have no pressure together time and we’re all better for it. Sure, I’m excited to go spend my Christmas money on the ipod Touch I’ve been coveting and The Girl is dying to go buy some new boots but I’d take one more day of holiday over crowded stores any day… haven’t we been doing that enough over the last month?

There are many who complain about the provinces somewhat old-fashioned holiday shopping rules but I think we could all use a little down time. Can’t we give our credit cards a break for one day and enjoy all that we’ve already bought… but more importantly, can’t we enjoy the people we just spent all that money on?

In the coming days I’ll start posting on my new blog reviewing products for like minded moms but, for now, I’ll take some time that’s less about consumerism and more about quality time with quality people.

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