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Grumpy Lives Here

I have trouble managing my own emotions… how am I supposed to teach that to The Boy? It’s been a rough ride around here lately. To put it mildly The Boy is GRUMPY. I swear some days we have one … Continue reading

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The Potty Marathon

There were times when I thought the toilet was going to be my undoing. As an object, it’s pretty mundane. It is important, certainly – at least for those who value indoor plumbing – but pretty innocuous none-the-less. That is, … Continue reading

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Death… such a bright topic for a Monday morning.

The Boy just about broke my heart this weekend. “Mommy, someday I’d like to have a Grandpa,” he told me as we were driving around doing errands. It shook me. I lost my father when The Boy was just 8 … Continue reading

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A Tim Hortons Grandfather

Here it is… my first guest blogger (my husband!) It was when my one year old son started waking early that I decided to start a new father/son tradition… the weekend Tim’s adventure. It was a simple way to enjoy … Continue reading

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On Turning Three…

“In October I will be three, and then I can eat peanut butter.” This has been the refrain from my almost three year old for the last few months. I have been cautious about introducing nuts because of allergies in … Continue reading

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The Power of Words

Okay, it’s time to be honest. I will admit freely to my addiction…. I am a word junkie. I love words. It may drive my family crazy as they are constantly stopping me to ask the meaning of a word … Continue reading

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