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The Courage to Grow Up…

It’s the moments of victory that make parenting a teenager rewarding… and no, I don’t mean that in an ‘I told you so’ way. It’s seeing victory on your child’s face. It’s seeing something you have tried to teach or … Continue reading

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It’s okay to run away…

Some days we all just need to step away. I’m not just talking to the Mommies either. This applies to the Daddies and the Grandparents and the best friends and the daycare providers and the people without any kids at … Continue reading

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Can I decide not to decide?

Part of my problem with motherhood, or at least what makes it so overwhelming, are the endless decisions to be made. I, literally, make dozens upon dozens of choices in a day that have little or nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Grumpy Lives Here

I have trouble managing my own emotions… how am I supposed to teach that to The Boy? It’s been a rough ride around here lately. To put it mildly The Boy is GRUMPY. I swear some days we have one … Continue reading

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Tales of wine, bathtime and the TV babysitter…

There’s a lesson of motherhood that continually surprises me… and I’m usually reminded of it at the times when I need that knowledge the most. You see… I indulged a little too much last night. Certainly not a regular occurrence … Continue reading

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Bad Mother of the Year Award

I am a terrible mother… at least I am today. I actually forgot to pick up The Boy at school. I was worrying about a deadline and totally forgot. I suddenly feel all the balls in the air crashing around … Continue reading

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Never Enough Time….

Where does the time go? I have to say that has to be the most difficult thing about working from home and raising kids. I swear I literally turn around and four hours have passed – and the laundry is … Continue reading

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Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, it is not one I was blessed with to any measurable degree. I will admit, I surprised myself after my children were born and found I did have more patience than I thought, but even … Continue reading

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Measuring Up…

I don’t know what it is about motherhood that continually manages to make me feel inadequate. We had a rough start to the day. The boy was defiant and whiny and I was not handling it well. As I am … Continue reading

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Vacation… Take One

How is it we don’t follow our own advice? We know it’s good stuff… I mean we’re the one’s giving it, yet somehow it is still tough to follow through. I’ve been on vacation – hence the lack of posting. … Continue reading

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