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A final gift… and fitting legacy for a generous and compassionate woman.

Little Dude still asks to go to Nana’s house.  At three, he has no concept of death and what it means.  He just knows Nana’s house was fun and full of love, and he wants to go to there. Only now, … Continue reading

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Enough of the negativity….

Wow… I don’t think I ever realized the impact negativity can have on the people around us. I guess I understood in an academic way but somehow it is still easier to get wrapped up in my own stuff and … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Invincible Mother

This is one of those mornings where personal well being is at odds with motherhood. I woke up feeling terrible. All I want to do is crawl back into bed. The Husband is at work… and dealing with his own … Continue reading

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Getting through…

I had a nice compliment tonight. A friend made a point of stopping me to tell me she had recently discovered my blog and was touched by some of the posts. It was nice to hear. I have to say … Continue reading

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Gratitude Meets Dark Mommy…

Well, it seems gratitude isn’t the easy solution I’d like it to be. I had trouble being grateful today. It seems silly. I have a warm home and loving family and good friends. I have lots to be grateful for… … Continue reading

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Measuring Up…

I don’t know what it is about motherhood that continually manages to make me feel inadequate. We had a rough start to the day. The boy was defiant and whiny and I was not handling it well. As I am … Continue reading

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Sustaining the Joy…

After my last post my priest said something that stuck with me. He told me he hoped the joy I felt that Sunday was sustaining. I’ve been thinking about that. I really wish I could figure out how to do … Continue reading

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The Terrible Twos?

They call them the terrible twos, and while my son is nearing three and generally a very well-behaved child, we have reached them. The struggle between no longer wanting a mid-day nap and still being young enough to need the … Continue reading

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