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Mommy Confesstions: My Bumpy Bear Crush

I have begun to covet my son’s teddy bear. Now, you could be forgiven for sneering a little at the idea of a 36 year old woman wanting a Teddy Bear but you haven’t met this bear.  He’s a pretty … Continue reading

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The Guinness Illusion…

Sometimes travel broadens your horizons. Sometimes it shatters your illusions. I met a very nice Dubliner tonight. We got to chatting in the pub. He was travelling rural Ireland seeking family roots and we had rested for the night in … Continue reading

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That thing that goes bump in the night…

It had pretty much escaped my notice until this evening… but I’m afraid it has now hit me like a freight train. Four years ago today cancer killed my father. Two years ago today my mother lay in a hospital … Continue reading

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Father’s Day rediscovered

I spent father’s day with my dad. Regular readers will know that is just about impossible since he died of cancer four years ago, but today I was with him anyway. I kind of dropped the ball this father’s day … Continue reading

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A bittersweet World Cup

It’s been a rough week for me. The World Cup began. Now, I know, that’s not generally a highly emotional time… unless you’re an avid footie or a hooligan… but many Canadians don’t even notice the hype over the world’s … Continue reading

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Church, lobster and a profound experience.

I’m not what I’d call a believer. I’m an Anglican. As a whole we’re a pretty stoic bunch when it comes to evangelizing our faith. I go to church. I pray, periodically. I have a comfortable, if at times uncertain, … Continue reading

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Meet Bumpy Bear

Meet Bumpy Bear, my son’s best friend. He looks good considering all he’s been through. Squished, thrown, stepped on and, on one miserable day, left behind; he has survived it all with grace and dignity. I don’t know who will … Continue reading

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