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Dark Cloud…

I told a story today… one that didn’t seem to present opportunities for depressing self-exploration… but reality is often different than we think. I sat over lunch and praised my home renovation guru and good friend for rescuing me in … Continue reading

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Gratitude in Unlikely Places

I haven’t been posting much lately… something my regular readers have obviously figured out. I haven’t found much inspiration. It has been astonishingly easy to loose myself in the daily stressors of family, children and caring for an ill relative. … Continue reading

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Angry and Sad at the same time…

Cancer took another good man yesterday. I struggle between the urge to cry and the urge to throw something. No one is left untouched by this modern plague. It must be a rare moment because I find I am at … Continue reading

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Enough of the negativity….

Wow… I don’t think I ever realized the impact negativity can have on the people around us. I guess I understood in an academic way but somehow it is still easier to get wrapped up in my own stuff and … Continue reading

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That thing that goes bump in the night…

It had pretty much escaped my notice until this evening… but I’m afraid it has now hit me like a freight train. Four years ago today cancer killed my father. Two years ago today my mother lay in a hospital … Continue reading

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A self-imposed silence forces me to listen to my body…

I am coming to understand just how much our mental state controls our bodies. I’ve been reading the book I mentioned earlier, Bernie Seigel’s Love, Medicine and Miracles with a sense of incredulity. I has seemed so amazing that our … Continue reading

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A little therapy is a good thing…

I’ve decided I need therapy. In fact, I think we could all benefit from a little (or in some cases a lot) of therapy. Did you know the percentage of the health care budget in Canada given to mental health … Continue reading

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Getting through…

I had a nice compliment tonight. A friend made a point of stopping me to tell me she had recently discovered my blog and was touched by some of the posts. It was nice to hear. I have to say … Continue reading

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Descending into Obsession…

I fear I am beginning to cross a line… from life affirming personal journey to socially awkward obsession. The most recent cancer blow to hit us has my new-found knowledge veering from interesting and helpful cocktail conversation to the potential … Continue reading

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Cancer wins again…

I’ve been avoiding posting this past week. I think I feel some pressure, now that I have completed my cancer-free Lent, that I have to have something profound to say about cancer or about life. I don’t feel profound right … Continue reading

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