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When grief sneeks up on you….

They kept telling me there would come a day I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. I thought I’d escaped that prospect.  I thought in five months of grieving and focusing on life after terminal cancer, I had put some … Continue reading

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Praise… and a plea… in the fight against cancer.

I am so encouraged bu all these great people who are working so hard to fund raise for the Canadian Cancer Society through Relay for Life.  It is really nice to see people so committed to eradicating this plague.At the … Continue reading

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A final gift… and fitting legacy for a generous and compassionate woman.

Little Dude still asks to go to Nana’s house.  At three, he has no concept of death and what it means.  He just knows Nana’s house was fun and full of love, and he wants to go to there. Only now, … Continue reading

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It’s April… are you working to eradicate cancer?

I’m an Atlantic Community Champion… are you? As most of your readers will know I am rather militant in my belief about preventing and curing cancer.  This plague on our society has taken too much of a toll on my … Continue reading

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Love letters….

I’m mad at my mother. She’s not even in the ground yet (we’re waiting for the ground to thaw) and I’m angry. She knew she was dying.  She had multiple visits from palliative care, she made the financial arrangements and … Continue reading

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The cancer pity party… we’re lots of fun to be around.

I feel like I’m in a dark alley and cancer is just waiting around the next corner. I can’t just grieve for my mother… there is this awful specter of the genetic history seemingly mutating my cells as I write. … Continue reading

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You can never go home…

I left my parents home for the last time this week.  Saying goodbye seemed impossible.  I found myself literally rooted to the spot in my mother’s favorite chair, unable to make myself leave. It is not the house where I … Continue reading

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The Prom Dress…

Physical activity and grief don’t mix. I have been good.  I’ve been to the gym.  I’ve been to Zumba.  I’ve walked so much I discovered I desperately need new running shoes.  Hell, I even took my kids on a neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Active Living: Choices…

It’s all about choices. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to make the wrong choice, especially when momentum is involved.  Raising three kids is tiring… especially with a teenager in the mix.  Forcing myself, or all of us, out of the house … Continue reading

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Careful What You Wish For….

So Big Dude got off the bus yesterdayay and immediately asked to go for a walk.  Little Dude then asked to go again after dinner. It is like herding cats! At the same time… I can’t say no.  I took … Continue reading

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