The Great Veggie Race…

I’m doing pretty well with getting more veggies into my diet… the fruit could use some more work. I’m keeping some hummus in the fridge alongside the cut vegetables and using that as a snack food. I intend to put it out before dinner for everyone to snack on… particularly the boys who love snack time more than the meal itself.

That said, getting vegetables into my kids is a challenge. I tried the whole deception thing. I bought the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook but the recipes used a lot of processed ingredients (which, by now, I think we know I don’t like) and my kids didn’t really like the result anyway. I tried adding sweet potatoes to my homemade bagels (the result was good but who has time to make homemade bagels all the time?). I tried adding veggie purees into food but they were a hassle to make and seemed to produce a limited result. I was adding carrot and sweet potato puree into my spaghetti sauce but now the Big Dude will only eat noodles with butter.

I do have more luck with fruit. They both like fruit and I can’t stock enough bananas to keep them happy. I add bananas or apples to their muffins and put blueberries in the pancakes. I now have a fruit bowl that is always fair game for them to eat from (although the apple wastage is getting a bit silly, some times they take one bite and others they practically eat the core).

My newest method for introducing fruits and vegetables is… wait for it… The Great Veggie Race!

I got the idea from a mom at the Big Dude’s school. Her boys are competitive, so are mine. She says her older one takes great joy in beating the younger one at anything… even, apparently, in vegetable consumption. Every time they eat a serving (not just a bite) of fruits or veggies they get to put a velcro fruit in their space. Whoever eats the most fruits and veggies in a day wins. I plan to introduce the race tomorrow… we’ll see how it goes.

Do you have any methods for getting more veggies into kids? I’d love to hear it.
Post Script: I think Big Dude may end up with the runs today. He had three servings of fruit at breakfast and still wanted a banana. I had to stop him. Perhaps competitive instincts can go too far…
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  1. Barb Davy says:

    Sweet potato fries are a favourite in our house. Other than that, raw veggies seem to work best, especially if given as I'm cutting them up. And, oddly enough, frozen peas straight out of the freezer.

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