Slow start to week two…

This is perhaps not a stellar beginning to week two of my Lenten journey. Physical activity is a key part of living a cancer-free life. I, however, am still doubled over in pain at times from this stomach bug.

I do have my energy back for the most part so, with the help of my pint-sized personal trainer, I got out of bed and did my yoga this morning. The kids enjoy doing it with me (by that I mean they contort into strange positions and then fall over laughing). I did feel good when I finished.

I had intended to take the kids out on their bikes but the rain stopped that plan. The Husband, however, did his part by some extended, physical play involving the bed and some sort of ‘blanket monster.’ From the squeals of laughter, the flushed faces and the shortness of breath when they finished, I think it qualifies as exercise for all three of the boys.

Late afternoon I showed some stylin’ High School Musical moves playing a Wii game with The Girl. The boys had fun dancing with us and, other than the Little Dude’s unfortunately Wii addiction (which he doesn’t even actually play he just needs to hold the controller and press the buttons at all times) and his incessant demands to have the ‘nunchuck,’ we did get some activity. I didn’t work up a sweat but it was a heck of a lot better than sitting in front of the TV.

All in all it wasn’t a total loss. I hope I can get to a point where I am not always forcing myself and the kids to find ways to get active but that some of it will start to come naturally. On the nutrition front, I did make a double batch of homemade waffles and put them in the freezer instead of buying the ready-made waffles I usually buy. It’s a much healthier recipe with whole wheat, flax meal wheat germ and applesauce. We’ll see how that goes over for breakfast.

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