Physical Activity Week Round Up…

I left the blogging a little late tonight. I’ve been distracting myself playing games on my computer rather than doing anything meaningful.

That said, enjoying a little alone time when there are no children to make demands on me is not a bad thing. I’ve been good today. I drank two cups of green tea. I opted for salmon over pork or beef when my mother took me out for dinner tonight and I only had one glass of wine. I even got in my exercise. The boys and I are now doing our yoga together.

I borrowed a ‘Yoga Kids’ DVD from a friend and it was a big hit… well, with one of them at least. Big Dude decided he was ‘not in the mood’ but Little Dude got right into it. The DVD says ages 3 to 6 but my little 2 year old was doing downward facing dog with the best of them. I’m definitely ordering my own version of this DVD. It’s a good rainy day activity.

I also did one more thing today in my fight against cancer that I am proud of today. I volunteered to help in the wider battle to prevent cancer. I have offered my services to Atlantic Path. Atlantic Path is the largest cancer research project ever undertaken in Atlantic Canada, and it is part of a larger national study that is one of the biggest in the world. The study will track 30,000 people over 30 years looking at how genetics, lifestyle and environment contribute to the development of cancer. I urge anyone in Atlantic Canada, or in other parts of the country, to volunteer for Atlantic Path or the similar studies in their regions. Solid research is the best way to keep our kids and grandkids from facing this terrible threat.

All in all, the physical activity week of my Lenten journey has gone well, despite rain and illness. The weather could have cooperated so we could get outside, but I guess being stuck inside was good too as it forced me to be more creative. I feel like I’m am on a good path to keeping myself and the family more active, but I know it will be a challenge to keep it up.

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