Nearly done… and I’m finally learning something!

It’s been a busy week. I haven’t been blogging daily as I had been planned. I have been feeling overwhelmed but I am doing much better at learning to enjoy the moments as they arise. It doesn’t have to take huge amounts of time but it can make a big difference.

Today I had a long list of errands to do. One of them took me out to the fabulous local tea house/fair trade shop. I took advantage of the opportunity and met a friend for tea. I didn’t really have 45 minutes to spare but the time was worth it.

I’m also learning lessons about taking time to enjoy chores that don’t just have to be chores. When the boys got home from child care today they were desperate to spend some time with me (I have been away visiting my mom most of the week). I still had a lot to do to get ready for our Easter trek to the cottage but I took Big Dude shopping. When I slowed down enough to really talk to him while we shopped, we ended up having a great time. Same thing with the baking I needed to do for the weekend. The Girl and I chatted while I baked, she even ended up helping. We had one of the best talks we’ve had in a long time and I got the work done. I might add everything I baked was low in sugar and high in nutrients… raspberry lemon loaf with whole wheat flour, lemon yogurt and flax meal and apple muffins with organic granola, apple sauce, whole wheat and flax meal. Both have less than 1/2 cup sugar each… cancer feeds off sugar.

I have been actively fundraising and am proud to say I have surpassed $500 so far. I am still looking for more donations and anyone wishing to help can donate at Cancer Prevention Challenge.

I am now reaching the end of this journey and I have been struggling about what I have learned and what to say at the end. What I have decided is that I am not going to post my final post on Easter Sunday as I had planned. I will be at the cottage with my extended family. We will be without internet and I do not intend to be running around town trying to find a connection. I plan to enjoy that family time. I will post when I return. I have decided that decision is much more in line with the very thing I have been learning this week… about enjoying the life we have, appreciating the moment and living active lives.

See you after Easter!

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