It’s April… are you working to eradicate cancer?

I’m an Atlantic Community Champion… are you?

As most of your readers will know I am rather militant in my belief about preventing and curing cancer.  This plague on our society has taken too much of a toll on my family and so many others.

That is why, today, I am asking you for two things.

Firstly, it is daffodil month.  April is when the Canadian Cancer society has chosen to encourage you to ‘fight back.’  I may not appreciate the choice of language (cancer is not a battle and my parents are not losers) but that is a discussion for another day.  I do appreciate the message they are trying to get out… that cancer hurts everyone and, if we unite, no one will have to face it alone.  I ask you to think about cancer this month: think about what you may be doing in your life that could contribute to your risk of cancer, think about what you can do to support those already facing cancer and, please, find a way to give back.  Canadian Cancer Society is selling live daffodil and, for the first time, it now has beautiful daffodil pins available for a small donation, similar to the way the Canadian legion sells poppies.  Those living in Kingston/Greenwood can find theirs at the Scotia Bank in the Greenwood Mall, others can find their pin through
Second, consider taking part in the Atlantic Path, the largest cancer research study ever undertaken in Atlantic Canada.  Thirty thousand Atlantic Canadians, and their toenails, are needed to provide valuable, long-term, information about their lives and their health.  I have volunteered to become a community champion, which means I track down five friends who will take part in the study with me. I distribute the studies and then later collect the information and send it to the researchers.  People all across Atlantic Canada are seeking out fellow participants in workplaces, on sports teams and in Mommy groups.  Please consider becoming a Community Champion too.  More information can be found at
Okay… have I sat on my moral high horse long enough?  I’m not trying to preach but I am trying to prevent even one person from going through the horror show my sister and I have experienced these last five years.  Cancer is cruel and unfair… and beatable.  Let’s do it together.
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