Is green grass really worth it?

I think I am over the ‘I want Daddy’ thing already. As I write this, Little Dude is standing at the top of the stairs, nearly an hour after I put him to bed, calling out ‘I want Daddy.’ I’m feeling no guilt staying right where I am and letting Daddy handle it!

… Now, back to my Lenten journey

It is starting to look like spring. I even got a chance to get out yesterday and rake out some of the leaves and dead plants to discover small green shoots underneath! Things are starting to grow again.

I wish, however, I could say that about my lawn. My lawn is terrible. It is brown and infested with weeds. It is the worst lawn I have ever had… and I have lived close to the Arctic Circle. The problem is not limited to just my property. Between the sandy soil and the hot summer days, lawns do not fare well here. The only ones that do are those that use chemicals. You can walk down any street in my neighbourhood and point out who is coating their lawn with pesticides and fertilizers.

Those lawns look great… but it is not a step I am willing to take. The data is not conclusive (deja vu here… what research relating to the causes of cancer is conclusive?) but there is evidence linking pesticides to Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Leukemia, multiple myeloma, and cancers of the kidney, prostate, brain and lung.

For children the risk is much greater. They are at risk of higher exposure due to things like running, crawling or rolling through the grass, putting things in their mouths. As well, they take in more air, water and food relative to their body weight than adults and their skin can absorb pesticides more easily.

This issue to me is very simple. What’s more important a nice, green lawn or the kids playing on that lawn?

Nova Scotia is taking steps towards banning cosmetic pesticides. The government is proposing a ban on the sale and use of non-essential pesticides on private, public and commercial properties throughout the province. I urge you to support this ban. The public period for comment is now over (I didn’t realize that or I would have written this post sooner) but it’s not too late to express your support of this bill to your representative.

This is a move supported by the Canadian Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Action NS. If you can’t call your MLA, I urge you to at least think twice before spreading pesticides on your lawn. If you don’t do it for your kids… do it for mine who might be taking a walk by your house or playing down wind of your nice, lush lawn. To many things that are supposed to make our lives better in this modern world are instead making us suffer. Is a green lawn really worth it?

Now… if you’ll excuse me, Daddy’s little boy is still crying and out of bed. Apparently a Mommy’s job is never done, even if he wants someone else.

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