Easter Bunny Mea Culpa

The Easter Bunny is getting into the act now.

He grudgingly admits he has not set the best example for healthy living by giving baskets of chocolate and sweets full of high fructose corn syrup. He admits the quantities are getting a bit ridiculous as well, I mean what kid needs a chocolate bunny bigger than their teddy bear? The big bunny means well but, frankly, too often he falls far short of the mark. Easter is a time for renewal, not a sugar induced coma.

The Easter Bunny and I have cut a deal. He can make his yearly visit, he can even bring some chocolate… but the kids will have to work for it. The eggs will be hidden and the kids will have to expend some energy in finding them. Other than that, all Easter treats will promote physical activity.

Bunny man has been instructed to start looking for a T-ball set and any other toy that will live outside and promote the physical activity this family so desperately needs. I would note that this is not limited to just The Dudes. The Girl and The Husband can expect similar treatment. Rabbit boy is happy to accept ideas. I did the work reclaiming the back yard last year. This year I intend to use it. We’ve has spent the last few rainy days looking longingly outside as the snow starts to disappear. We’re even ready to bring out the bikes!

By the way… note to the Easter bunny. Mommy may be on a health kick but dark chocolate is very good for mommies. It’s good for emotional recovery after a long day, and it has cancer prevention properties.

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