Careful What You Wish For….

So Big Dude got off the bus yesterdayay and immediately asked to go for a walk.  Little Dude then asked to go again after dinner.

It is like herding cats!

At the same time… I can’t say no.  I took them for the walk and held my patience. I didn’t threaten to take away the various sticks and ‘brooms’ (evergreen branches they used to ‘sweep’ away their dirt drawings) until we had nearly reached home.  They were getting active and they were having fun.  I enjoyed myself for a little longer this time and held my patience a little longer. 

I stuck Daddy with the evening walk.

These walks are not my favorite sport but I grin and bear it.  They are getting kids out and they are proving fun can be had outside without the aid of computers or any other type of screen and I am feeling better and sticking to my Lenten promise.

Today my activities are a bit more limited in scope but no less important in terms of lifestyle changes. 

Friday mornings are a regular date for Little Dude and I at the local playroom.  It is located at one end of a rather long mall.  I parked at the other end, conveniently near the best coffee shop in town (a little motivation never hurt anyone!) and we walked to the playroom.  Little Dude and his little girlfriend, our guest for the day, had a ball and we all got and extra five minutes walking, each way.  We then decided to go out for lunch and walked the short distance to the restaurant as well.  This afternoon, as long as the downpour holds off, we will walk her home.

They are small steps but add up to large distances.

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