Almsgiving and Spreading the Message…

The traditional elements of Lenten observance are prayer, fasting and almsgiving. My particular Lenten journey is not exactly traditional, but I do believe it still fits this definition. In place of prayer, my observances has been more about introspection. I have looked inward to the way I live and the way I think. My fast has been that of carcinogens and other cancer causing factors. Perhaps I have not given them up completely but I am getting there. I am learning what products need to go, but I do believe my family is on its way to a much healthier life.

The third pillar the Lenten observance is almsgiving. This is something I have been saving for the final week of my journey. It seemed a fitting way to wrap up my journey. Almsgiving, in my journey, involves fundraising to spread the message of cancer prevention. More than half of the 166,000 cases of cancer diagnosed last year in Canada were preventable. I have been very gratified to hear what I am learning is influencing the choices others are making, but much more needs to be done. That is why I have chosen to lend my support to a group called Prevent Cancer Now.

This is an organization who’s sole aim is to build a Canada-wide movement to eliminate the preventable causes of cancer. It works through promoting education, legislation and policy change to make cancer prevention a priority. Too often our health care system teaches us to be helpless. We blindly accept all the ‘perks’ of modern life and head to the doctor for a quick fix when we fall ill. Far too often that ‘modern’ lifestyle is at the very heart of the problem.

North America currently has the highest percentage of deaths worldwide due to cancer at 23%. What is worse is that the umbilical cord of every baby born of this planet now holds cancer-causing substances like heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and hormones. We are slowly poisoning ourselves and then are horrified when it comes back to haunt us in the form of cancer. Prevent Cancer Now is about teaching ourselves and our leaders about stopping this plague before it starts in each of us. There lots of things we can do as individuals, as communities and as nations to stop the spread of cancer causing elements. Prevent Cancer Now’s sole goal is to spread that message.

As someone who has watched cancer take the vitality and, in some cases, the life of loved ones, I am ready for change. I urge you to join me in supporting the valuable work of Prevent Cancer Now. I have signed up for the organization’s Cancer Prevention Challenge. Individuals and groups all over the country are mobilizing to raise money for cancer prevention work. I have my own webpage through this challenge and I invite you to use this link to go there and pledge your support. You can make a secure online donation. If you can spare five dollars or fifty, the money will do good. What’s more, if you can, take time to examine your own choices and eliminate carcinogens in your life. It could save your life… or that of a family member. Past posts on this blog contain information about potential carcinogens, or explore the site of Prevent Cancer Now to learn more.

Over the next week I plan to use as many different avenues as I can to raise money for this important cause. We began this morning in church… it seemed fitting for a Lenten project. The Big Dude was my pint-sized promoter. He happily took cards with the information about the project around to much of the congregation. It was a small start but one I hope will serve as a solid foundation.

Thank you for your support in reading about my journey… but please help others on their journey and pledge for the Cancer Prevention Challenge.

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