All is not as it should be…

“All is as it should be.”

These are supposed to be words of comfort and while they are well meant and I thank people for their concern… I have trouble seeing this whole experience is ‘as it should be.’

How should it be that my seven year old niece had to say goodbye to her Grandmother yesterday?  How should it be that my children miss their mother while I wait for death to take the woman the nurtured me? How should it be that less than five years after cancer took my father, it has come for my mother?  How should it be that cancer takes millions of lives every year?

I was relieved when my mother’s minister did not try to comfort me with words of ‘God’s plan.’  Instead she spoke of how her God did not plan for pain and misery.  These are life’s frailties, not God’s.

I appreciate the good intentions behind such a statement but all is, most definitely, not as it should be.

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