Active Living… or not.

Here’s a sobering figure… the World Health Organization says at least 60% of the world’s population does not meet the minimum recommendation for physical activity. Considering that recommendation is only 30 minutes of moderate activity a day, that’s pretty depressing. No wonder diseases like cancer and heart disease are so rampant. Physical inactivity is estimated to cause 2 million deaths annually.

Here in the (Mis)Adventures household our physical activity is achieving limited success. I have been keeping my end of the bargain – at least since the searing gut pain subsided. The pint-sized personal trainer has been making sure I do my yoga. Today, my lunch hour consisted of strength training and 10 minutes of Wii hula-hoop. The little Wii piggy did a little dance when I reached my 30 minutes.

The Dudes have been more of a challenge. We have been stuck inside most days because of the rain and Big Dude has a nasty cough and seems to be losing his voice. On a positive note, Big Dude spontaneously decided to ‘do his exercises’ last night before his bath. Stark naked, he proceeded to go through most of my yoga poses in quick succession. I guess I am setting some kind of example.

The Girl is my biggest hurdle. As much as she’d like to think this anti-Cancer experiment is not about her too, she needs to get active just as much as the rest of us. Since she no longer has to take gym in school, her physical activity is limited to one trip to the gym per week. I did talk her into playing some Wii dancing with me on Sunday (our pint-sized personal trainer helped by echoing the screen and telling us how well we were doing) but that’s been it so far.

I don’t think she’s too happy about it but she has been tasked to find ways to get herself more physically active. She didn’t look too thrilled about it… but, hey, it’s for her own good right?

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  1. Kaylie says:

    I have to do my exercise 10 minutes at a time. Some days, those 30 minutes just don't happen, but I figure some is better than none.

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