Active Living: Choices…

It’s all about choices.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to make the wrong choice, especially when momentum is involved.  Raising three kids is tiring… especially with a teenager in the mix.  Forcing myself, or all of us, out of the house can be a tough sell.

That said, the last number of days have been a good reminder that forcing myself to make the right choice can have positive results. 

This weekend we took the boys to the pool.  It was the second time we’ve done it in the last few weeks and something we hadn’t done in a very long time.  It’s a pain getting them all to the pool and dressed and showered and such, but all four of us had a fantastic time.  The boys confidence in the water grew sharply, a good preparation for the spring swimming lessons, we all got some exercise and we had fun.  I also learned one of the great benefits of having had only boys… they go into the dressing room with Daddy while I have time to relax in the sauna.  I particularly liked that discovery!

Monday, I spent the day at a conference.  I had planned to go for a walk at lunch to get in my quota of activity but a lunch time speaker axed that plan.  Later I found myself, having sat on my ass all day, arriving 10 minutes early for a planned dinner with friends.  I was so tired I just wanted to go home.  Instead I chose to use the time going for a quick power walk.  It was pretty cold and windy but just ten minutes of activity boosted my flagging spirits and my energy and I ended up having a nice dinner.

That brings us to yesterday… Big Dude was booked for a morning activity at the library and Little Dude and I had some time to kill.  He wanted to return home for some quality TV time but, instead, I bundled us both up and we went for a walk through the trails at the local duck pond.  The forest was alive with the sounds of cracking ice and we had a ball balancing on logs, skating through the icy parts and stomping on the early spring ice.  We chose to have some fun together even though it would have been easier to acquiesce to the whining and return home for that second cup of coffee.

Of course… the next challenge is to keep making those good choices.  The boys will get outside and active at child care today but with a rare full kid-free day ahead of me, I can’t afford not to spend the time working.  How will I make my choice to get active today?  I don’t know.  I just know I need to do it.

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  1. Lisa MacColl says:

    You're inspiring me…again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Health Canada says it all! Remember "Participaction?" where did that go?see;

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