A self-imposed silence forces me to listen to my body…

I am coming to understand just how much our mental state controls our bodies.

I’ve been reading the book I mentioned earlier, Bernie Seigel’s Love, Medicine and Miracles with a sense of incredulity. I has seemed so amazing that our emotions have such a huge impact on the development of major problems like cancer and heart disease.

I don’t feel like that anymore. The more I pay attention to my body, the more of a believer I become. Last week I had to pee for three hours before I found time in my busy day to actually go to the bathroom. If stress can control my bladder like that, what is it doing to the rest of me?

Today I have lost my voice… I mean really lost it. I had to take a whistle to the park so the kids would come when I called (the Big Dude took to it well… the Little Dude totally ignored it). I can’t say I’m surprised. I have been feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed with all the demands on my time (a whole bunch of projects are coming to a head while I’m dealing with a bunch of family commitments at the same time). My body simply can’t keep up.

Giving up cancer, be it for Lent or for life, is about more than just changing my diet and avoiding carcinogens… its about listening to my body and treating it well. That’s something I haven’t always been good at. I guess it is time to start listening.

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3 Responses to A self-imposed silence forces me to listen to my body…

  1. Divawrites says:

    I had laryngitis for 3 weeks in February, including during the period of my daughter's 5th birthday party. It's hard to lead Simon Says with no voice…I'd had major surgery in January, and hadn't listened to my body. It got tired of being tired and flattened me. As usual, I took the hard way…Feel better! Hot water with lemon and honey worked wonders.

  2. Nathalie S. Roths says:

    Hope you will soon recover your voice. If the whistle doesn't work next time, you could always use a gong. The majestic noise would certainly get all the kids in the park's attention!

  3. Divawrites says:

    Gong? I LOVE that idea!

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