A Gratitude Break…

I’ve been avoiding posting for the last few days. It is partly because I’ve been parenting solo longer than expected and have been too busy. It is partly because I have reached the stage where I want to broach the spiritual aspect of coming to terms with cancer (a big topic that seems daunting). Mostly it’s because I have been trying to practise what I preach.

I have been purposely living more gratefully. I like the result. It’s helping me see beyond the moment to the bigger picture and the true blessings in my life. The day the van battery died (thanks to a very helpful Little Dude who ‘cleaned’ the driver’s seat while I vacuumed the van, turning on the interior lights in the process) I could have focused on the frustration… instead I found myself grateful for a friend who would drive across town to help – the fact that I had also fit into a size six pair of jeans that morning didn’t hurt my feeling of well being either!

I will get back to regular postings but, for now, I’m enjoying where this journey is taking me.

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