Breathe Update

I took a class. I learned how to breathe.

*dramatic pause for bad joke*

No really. As part of my new years resolutions I decided I better learn. It was a class about breathing… in fact it was breathing for beginners. Did you know that you are a beginner breather? I didn’t. I mean I’ve been doing it for 34 years, I must have the hang of it by now right?

It turns out I’m a chest breather. According to my breathing teacher (it is still hard to write that without a small giggle) the average person breathes in half a litre of air in a breath… the average person’s lung capacity is 20 litres.

I do have to say it was an interesting experience. It built on the yoga breathing I’ve already been doing (though I had to admit, rather shamefaced, that the yoga breathing I’d learned was from WiiFit and not from a qualified yoga teacher).

Today it came in handy. We had a small potential health crisis and my morning was spent managing things so I might be able to leave on short notice. I meant for a rather tense morning. I found myself breathing deeply all morning. Whether I was behind the steering wheel or trying not to end up on my ass walking across a slippery parking lot, I found myself unconsciously doing the exercise I’d learned the day before (lets hope The Girl or her friends didn’t see me waving my arms like a crazy person trying to ‘sink my chi’ in the high school parking lot).

I made it through the other side of the crisis that wasn’t and, while I feel a bit beat up mentally, I do feel calmer and more settled than I might otherwise have been. Breathing is good. I do feel like there is more to learn when it comes to this breathing thing… perhaps I need to try meditation or perhaps there’s something else out there I haven’t discovered yet (any suggestions?)… but I have to say it was a useful way to spend an afternoon (and it even finished early allowing my sister and I to hit Frenchy’s on the way home without any guilt!).

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  1. Divawrites says:

    Have you ever read "Eat, Pray, Love"?Her description of trying to meditate without being able to settle her mind had me laughing out loud.I do a lot of diaphragmatic breathing with singing. It's come in handy a couple of times. Breath in…breath out…sip wine. Breath in…breath out…eat chocolate. Oh crap, see, I couldn't meditate either!

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