Backyard Reclaimed…

It’s amazing what a change of physical space can do for your mental energy.

I spent much of the spring tryign to reclaim the backyard I have hated since I moved into this house four years ago. It has no shade, the perennial garden is over-run, the grass is horrible and there wasn’t much to keep the kids occupied.

I am happy to say I have made huge progress. I have reclaimed the garden, the fire pit area and the deck. The grass is still horrible but in this part of the valley having a nice lawn woudl require starting over and using lots of nasty chemicals which I refuse to do, so I am letting that one go. I have new patio furnature which I have strategically placed to take advantage of the minimal amounts of shade I could find and the kids now have a playset and a play house. I am also happy I did it on a pretty low budget.

The difference is amazing. The boys, particularily The Baby, want to be outside all the time. The Baby will bring me his shoes and hat as soon as we get out of bed and say ‘ball’ (translation: I want to go outside where the balls are). When we do get outside they are happily occipied for large amounts of time and I get some work or some relaxign done. I’ve even been outside by myself for fires in the evening and we’re eating outside almost every evening. I feel good when I’m out there. They boys and I are having fun and we’re all getting some fresh air. I feel like I finally did something right.

I’m not posting photos at the moment since my laundry is on the line and I don’t feel like putting my underwear on the internet. We’re also currently in big clean up mode for the sandbox as we left the cover off and the cat used it as a litter box… see in my old backyard that would have stressed me out, now I just replace the sand and get on with laying or reading my book.

There’s still work to do like powerwashing the deck and weeding the massive garden but I feel good and can’t wait until the kdis get home from daycare so we can go play.

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  1. Divawrites says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but I wanted you to know that you have inspired me. I'm on day 7 consecutive of Wii Fit. Your example is leading me…Thanks

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