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Back-to-School Angst

The new school clothes were folded and put away and the lunch bag was ready and waiting  It was time for back to school.  Part of me couldn’t wait.  Two months, mostly on my own, with the Dudes full time … Continue reading

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Mommy Confesstions: My Bumpy Bear Crush

I have begun to covet my son’s teddy bear. Now, you could be forgiven for sneering a little at the idea of a 36 year old woman wanting a Teddy Bear but you haven’t met this bear.  He’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Things I learned this summer:

Don’t step in a gopher hole… it’s a conspiracy and the little buggers are out to get us.  They are after us one stupid broken foot at a time. Hauling babies and car seats and laundry and backpacks and extra … Continue reading

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When grief sneeks up on you….

They kept telling me there would come a day I wouldn’t want to get out of bed. I thought I’d escaped that prospect.  I thought in five months of grieving and focusing on life after terminal cancer, I had put some … Continue reading

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Stop this crazy teen ride!

I often write to help myself find some kind of  lesson in my daily confusion or at least to help myself, and hopefully others, find some answers.  I guess that is why I haven’t been posting much lately.  I find myself opening … Continue reading

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Praise… and a plea… in the fight against cancer.

I am so encouraged bu all these great people who are working so hard to fund raise for the Canadian Cancer Society through Relay for Life.  It is really nice to see people so committed to eradicating this plague.At the … Continue reading

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Oprah… energy… and a bad business call.

I’m shaking. I just got off the phone with a man I had hoped to interview for a story.  It is a simple home improvement story and he is a local business owner who offers a home improvement product. In … Continue reading

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Motherhod vs career… conflicting or complimentary?

Sometimes you just need a little adult conversation. I had a meeting today… complete with work clothes, makeup and… gasp… contact lenses! I got up, had a shower and left the entire morning routine to The Husband (with the exception of … Continue reading

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While others are celebreating us as Mothers today… lets take a moment to honour ourselves.

My mother didn’t see herself as a good mother.  It always surprised me.  She would marvel at, what she perceived as, my endless patience with the children (wow, what a difference of opinion that was… I’ve always found my lack … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Confessions…

Okay… I admit it.  I got up early to watch ‘the wedding.’ I remember my mother did the same thing with Charles and Di (though we were on the West coast so her sacrifice was a little greater than my … Continue reading

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