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Royal Wedding Confessions…

Okay… I admit it.  I got up early to watch ‘the wedding.’ I remember my mother did the same thing with Charles and Di (though we were on the West coast so her sacrifice was a little greater than my … Continue reading

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Anxiety and bravery… come to know the whole woman.

I’ve been reading my mother’s journals. It’s heavy going.  There’s a lot of baggage: like why did she write so much about my sister and not about me, like reading about her grief at my father’s loss and then facing … Continue reading

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Easter state of mind…

It’s raining outside.  It’s dark and it’s cold.  It just doesn’t feel like Easter.  The Bunny arrives in three days (Big Dude is on a countdown) and I’ve got nothing. Oh… the bunny will visit with all the requisite treats … Continue reading

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Grateful for the family I have left….

I read a really great line on the Internet somewhere today… “that’s the trouble with being capable in a crisis – you tend to get handed a lot of crises.” This has to have been written for my sister. I … Continue reading

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The great diaper explosion… followed by the great Mommy explosion.

I used to hear about those gross kids moments where a child takes his dirty diaper and ‘paints’ all over his crib or the kids who takes off his diaper to ‘go’ in the corner of the carpet and think… … Continue reading

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A final gift… and fitting legacy for a generous and compassionate woman.

Little Dude still asks to go to Nana’s house.  At three, he has no concept of death and what it means.  He just knows Nana’s house was fun and full of love, and he wants to go to there. Only now, … Continue reading

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Hungry Hippo Hell

There are certain toys that need to disappear into the night… never to be seen again. Currently I am  having an internal battle about Hungry Hippos.  The kids are having a ball… I, however, feel like my head is about … Continue reading

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It’s April… are you working to eradicate cancer?

I’m an Atlantic Community Champion… are you? As most of your readers will know I am rather militant in my belief about preventing and curing cancer.  This plague on our society has taken too much of a toll on my … Continue reading

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Love letters….

I’m mad at my mother. She’s not even in the ground yet (we’re waiting for the ground to thaw) and I’m angry. She knew she was dying.  She had multiple visits from palliative care, she made the financial arrangements and … Continue reading

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