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Fighting, literally, through grief.

Wow.  I just had a big fight with my sister… the biggest one we’ve had since we were kids.  Apparently our grief involves yelling at each other. We had a rollicking fight that ranged from guilt to repressed anger to … Continue reading

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Working through it… or just distracting myself.

Wow… back on the job this week.  I feel like my brain has atrophied. It’s all I can do to get a bit of work done, get the kids in bed and fall into bed myself.  Yet I still can’t … Continue reading

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Time… grief… and being orphaned.

My mother died three weeks ago today. As I reflected upon that number today I came to the conclusion that time has no meaning within grief.  It feels like I have aged at least a decade in those short weeks … Continue reading

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It’s okay to cry… but who has the time?

I’ve had some very well meaning advice as I work my way through this period of grief. One of the most common has been that ‘it’s okay to cry.’ True.  It is… but not, apparently, when you are a parent. … Continue reading

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Not Ready….

I have discovered there are limits to my emotional stability at the moment. My memory of yesterday pretty much stop late afternoon when I unpacked the family bible.  The rest of the day is almost a blank. After just a … Continue reading

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Going Home…

I’m lying in my bed… or I guess the bed in my old bedroom… on the last night I’ll ever spend in my mother’s house. I have been desperate to leave all week but now that I’m almost going home, … Continue reading

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