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Angry and Sad at the same time…

Cancer took another good man yesterday. I struggle between the urge to cry and the urge to throw something. No one is left untouched by this modern plague. It must be a rare moment because I find I am at … Continue reading

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Dumping the laundry for living in the Moment

It was a beautiful fall day yesterday. The bathrooms needed cleaning, the laundry was half done, a birthday cake needed baking and these darned grant applications were haunting me. So we went to the apple orchard. It wasn’t a grand … Continue reading

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Confessions of an E-mail Addict

I have a confession to make. I like to check my email…. a lot. I open my inbox in the morning and don’t close it until bedtime… sometimes not even then.  My fancy new Ipod Touch means I even check … Continue reading

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What… you mean I have to work now?

Ahhh… the silence. Big Dude is at school and Daddy has an unexpected day off so he’s taken Little Dude and the visiting in-laws out on an ‘adventure.’  I have the whole place to myself.  The bathtub is calling my … Continue reading

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Wow… two kids in school.  Well, one is in pre-school but it is still two kid-free mornings a week. Why don’t I feel more freedom? It is simply incredible how quickly that time fills up with other things.  I promised … Continue reading

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Starting School… and starting to let go.

I have come to the conclusion that the first day of school is as much a right of passage for mothers as it is for the kids. This is the day I have to start letting go. Whether I am … Continue reading

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