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The Ireland Travelogue… the happiest place on earth (or so I think)

Well… the Ireland travelogue took a bit of a hiatus… I decided to enjoy what little was left of my summer.  As it is I am watching The Husband play Spiderman with the Dudes and am enjoying that more than … Continue reading

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Happiness is hard….

I had a revelation today. Happiness is not easy… in fact, happiness is hard. I think we are brought up with this notion that happiness is something that just comes to us if we live our life right… though who … Continue reading

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Enough of the negativity….

Wow… I don’t think I ever realized the impact negativity can have on the people around us. I guess I understood in an academic way but somehow it is still easier to get wrapped up in my own stuff and … Continue reading

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The Ireland Travelogue… where Thomas gets left behind

Day Five was relatively unproductive for Thomas… but fabulous for us. You see… we decided Thomas was not invited for our anniversary celebration at the five star castle… some things are private you know. He stayed in the trunk.

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The Ireland Travelogue Day Three… where Thomas gets drunk

Day three was some of the most driving we did (don’t worry Thomas was safely stowed, though by this time he had migrated from buckled into the back seat to thrown into the trunk). We saw the incredible cliffs of … Continue reading

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The Ireland Travelogue… where Thomas gets a name

So… it is day two and the gnome is already making a name for himself. He discovers the joys of the Irish breakfast include more meat than you’d ever expect to find on one plate (sausage, bacon, white pudding and … Continue reading

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The Ireland Travelogue… introducing Thomas

We have strange friends. I guess everybody does… but ours leave us with a collection of truly ugly things. It started with a hideous, powder blue, satin pillow with our names embroidered on the front (which thankfully finally wore out … Continue reading

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Ode to The Husband

I wish to write an ode to my husband. He’s not perfect… nor would I ever wish him to be (can you imagine living with that?). However… he is what I need him to be. He is a loving father … Continue reading

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A summer in perspective…

I have moved up to my mom’s cottage for the rest of the summer and I forgot the rest of the Ireland blogs at home. They will have to wait… well, I’m still working on introducing you to Thomas but … Continue reading

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