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That thing that goes bump in the night…

It had pretty much escaped my notice until this evening… but I’m afraid it has now hit me like a freight train. Four years ago today cancer killed my father. Two years ago today my mother lay in a hospital … Continue reading

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A room with no toys… and a full-volume tantrum.

Wow. Motherhood. The highs… and the lows. Today I had a moment of total shame… and then a breakthrough. There is no middle ground… is there? Big Dude has been testing me lately. There’s been a lot of yelling. There’s … Continue reading

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‘Like’ (Mis)Adventures on Facebook

(Mis)Adventures is now on facebook. Follow us… or I guess these days it is ‘like’ us instead… on our facebook page (Mis)Adventures of a Work-At-Home Mom. See you over there.

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Wednesday is for writing: Manipulate

Never let it be said I only pick the easy ones…. once again I wrote this yesterday (on Wednesday) but needed a day to let it mature. Sometimes I feel like a master manipulator… and some times I just feel … Continue reading

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Father’s Day rediscovered

I spent father’s day with my dad. Regular readers will know that is just about impossible since he died of cancer four years ago, but today I was with him anyway. I kind of dropped the ball this father’s day … Continue reading

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A bittersweet World Cup

It’s been a rough week for me. The World Cup began. Now, I know, that’s not generally a highly emotional time… unless you’re an avid footie or a hooligan… but many Canadians don’t even notice the hype over the world’s … Continue reading

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Wednesday is for Writing: Stream of Consiousness

I’m going to try a new experiment today… one I’m not entirely comfortable with but, hey, this is about creativity right? I haven’t been feeling too creative lately, hence the lack of posts. Too busy and just too tired, I … Continue reading

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Wednesday is for Writing: Oak

I’ve been slowly reclaiming my back yard. The grass is still mostly weed and the garden is far too big for my busy schedule, but I have discovered the perfect spot to enjoy the yard while still watching the kids. … Continue reading

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Wednesday is for Writing: Nature

I watch my son’s tears pour down his cheeks. He holds up a sore finger, the result of a clandestine foray into the bathroom drawer. As I kiss the offending finger better, I marvel at this elemental nature of a … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Invincible Mother

This is one of those mornings where personal well being is at odds with motherhood. I woke up feeling terrible. All I want to do is crawl back into bed. The Husband is at work… and dealing with his own … Continue reading

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