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Getting through…

I had a nice compliment tonight. A friend made a point of stopping me to tell me she had recently discovered my blog and was touched by some of the posts. It was nice to hear. I have to say … Continue reading

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Descending into Obsession…

I fear I am beginning to cross a line… from life affirming personal journey to socially awkward obsession. The most recent cancer blow to hit us has my new-found knowledge veering from interesting and helpful cocktail conversation to the potential … Continue reading

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Cancer wins again…

I’ve been avoiding posting this past week. I think I feel some pressure, now that I have completed my cancer-free Lent, that I have to have something profound to say about cancer or about life. I don’t feel profound right … Continue reading

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We did it!

I have surpassed my fundraising goal for preventing cancer. I am so excited… … and I love the donation, and the donor, that put me over the top. The person to take me past my $1,000 goal was my mother. … Continue reading

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The Multi-Tasking Mamma Hits a Slump

I miss deadlines. I miss story meetings. I miss bull sessions. Most of all I miss daily assignments. Don’t get me wrong. I still love working from home. I love being here for all the Dude moments. I love not … Continue reading

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Giving up adulthood for a day… or more.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to be an adult. I wish I could crawl into my dad’s lap and let him make it all better. I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad lately. It will be four years … Continue reading

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Finding Peace with Cancer after 40 days…

My niece and her younger brother have been having a disagreement. Big G says Easter is about chocolate. His sister isn’t so sure. Having taken it upon herself to cultivate a personal relationships with all the magical beings in her … Continue reading

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Nearly done… and I’m finally learning something!

It’s been a busy week. I haven’t been blogging daily as I had been planned. I have been feeling overwhelmed but I am doing much better at learning to enjoy the moments as they arise. It doesn’t have to take … Continue reading

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