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It’s okay to run away…

Some days we all just need to step away. I’m not just talking to the Mommies either. This applies to the Daddies and the Grandparents and the best friends and the daycare providers and the people without any kids at … Continue reading

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20 lbs Update: Personal Trainer

Okay so SOME of my resolutions are going well. I’m learning to breathe. In general I feel more grateful and more aware of the good things in my life. I’ve let some of the little things go. I have given … Continue reading

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Can I decide not to decide?

Part of my problem with motherhood, or at least what makes it so overwhelming, are the endless decisions to be made. I, literally, make dozens upon dozens of choices in a day that have little or nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Breathe Update

I took a class. I learned how to breathe. *dramatic pause for bad joke* No really. As part of my new years resolutions I decided I better learn. It was a class about breathing… in fact it was breathing for … Continue reading

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Gratitude Meets Dark Mommy…

Well, it seems gratitude isn’t the easy solution I’d like it to be. I had trouble being grateful today. It seems silly. I have a warm home and loving family and good friends. I have lots to be grateful for… … Continue reading

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Resolve Update: Gratitude

I am grateful for a moment at the end of the day to pause and remember why I love being a mother. As part of my exploration of gratitude I have introduced a new bedtime ritual. At the end of … Continue reading

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Grumpy Lives Here

I have trouble managing my own emotions… how am I supposed to teach that to The Boy? It’s been a rough ride around here lately. To put it mildly The Boy is GRUMPY. I swear some days we have one … Continue reading

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Trying to breathe through teenage years…

I didn’t breathe yesterday. There are some days having a teenage in the house ages you prematurely. I did go to the gym, which helped, but having my water bottle spill on my brand new iPod Touch and then loosing … Continue reading

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Living with a Blogger…

I guess I am officially a blogger now. The Girl, upon my question as to why two teenage girls were sitting on my living room floor refusing to move until they figured how my four year’s transformers worked, asked ‘are … Continue reading

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Resolve Update – Breathe

I have to say this has been the most useful so far of my resolutions. Just breathe. Ever since I began doing yoga last year, I have found a few moments of deep breathing has been very useful to regain … Continue reading

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