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Needing a Little New Years Resolve…

I’m not big on New Years resolutions… I never have been. I tried it last year, resolving to loose 20 pounds, and it worked… until I gained it all back again. That said, I feel the need for some personal … Continue reading

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A Boxing Day Without the Stores…

Nova Scotia may seem like a backwater to many folks… I mean they didn’t have Sunday shopping until a year or so ago and Boxing Day is still a full statutory holiday with … gasp… stores that stay CLOSED! How … Continue reading

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Season for Miracles…

There are some days that the world seems to be against you. Here it is Christmas Eve and my son, potentially both of them, have woken with a fever. We are at my mother’s house, who’s immune system is very … Continue reading

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Martha Stewart Doesn’t Live Here…. Today.

The Christmas shopping is done! It’s only the 17th of December and I have nothing more to buy… I hope. My problem when it comes to the holidays has always been overkill. Everything on my shopping list is ticked off … Continue reading

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Tales of wine, bathtime and the TV babysitter…

There’s a lesson of motherhood that continually surprises me… and I’m usually reminded of it at the times when I need that knowledge the most. You see… I indulged a little too much last night. Certainly not a regular occurrence … Continue reading

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Letter to Santa….

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is a silent house. I very much appreciate the thought when you brought the kazoo. I’m sure the boys will develop impressive musical skills while walking around the house endlessly making monotonous and … Continue reading

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Goodbye Baby Years…

It appears the baby years are behind us. The last of the baby paraphernalia is on its way out. Last night was The Baby’s first in a toddler bed. I guess I’ll have to come up with a new pseudonym … Continue reading

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Dwelling in the Darkness

I think it’s the uncertainty about cancer that kills me the most. I’m pretty good most days. I manage to push the worry to the back of my mind and just get through the day. I don’t dwell… too much. … Continue reading

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