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The Potty Marathon

There were times when I thought the toilet was going to be my undoing. As an object, it’s pretty mundane. It is important, certainly – at least for those who value indoor plumbing – but pretty innocuous none-the-less. That is, … Continue reading

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My Overgrown Life…

I have decided to stop complaining about my backyard and finally do something about it.The space is not particularly kid friendly… or mommy friendly for that matter. First of all it has an above ground pool, which means the kids … Continue reading

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A Rough Start to the Day

Well, there’s nothing like a little slap in the face by reality to put your life in perspective. I’ve been getting a little too caught up in the day to day pressures of life and work with a young family … Continue reading

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My not-so-funny life…

I think I’ve lost my sense of humour. It’s a realization that came to me this morning while considering my blog post for today. I would never have considered myself a comedian by any stretch but I like to think … Continue reading

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Teaching Life Lessons

We went to meet The Girl’s English teacher this week. Wow. I don’t envy him that job. A root canal might be more fun than teaching English to 14-year-olds, and I am terrified of the dentist. I always loved English … Continue reading

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The incredible shrinking work day….

It seems my work hours are endlessly shrinking. Here I sit, in the precious time I have with the young ones in care, finding myself not able to work but instead dealing with The Girl. I’m supposed to work until … Continue reading

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Death… such a bright topic for a Monday morning.

The Boy just about broke my heart this weekend. “Mommy, someday I’d like to have a Grandpa,” he told me as we were driving around doing errands. It shook me. I lost my father when The Boy was just 8 … Continue reading

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I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle. Running a busy family and trying to live in an environmentally responsible manner should not be a struggle yet, all to often, I feel like I have to choose one over the … Continue reading

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