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Finally – as requested – a Crock Pot Recipe

Have I mentioned I love my crock pot? I made the best ham I think I’ve ever tasted the other night – and since there’s no husband around to share it with, I’ve been having the best lunches all week! … Continue reading

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Clean Slate

I know, last week I was bitching about being told to ‘decide to have a good day,’ but while I still take offence at the simplicity and banality of such a statement, I think today I might actually have to … Continue reading

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Selective Memory and Motherhood

My house is silent. It sounds wonderful! Well, I guess it’s not exactly silent, the radio is playing and the cat is wandering around complaining, as usual, but there is no screaming, sick baby, nor is there any child demanding … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Military Wife

I’ve taken to calling it the curse of the military wife. It doesn’t matter how long the absence, something major always seems to go wrong when The Husband is away. When we lived in Edmonton the hot tub decided to … Continue reading

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Date Night

I have missed my husband. It seems strange to say that since it was only yesterday he left town, but missing him has been going on a lot longer that just this trip. With a teenager and two young boys, … Continue reading

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I got one of those ubiquitous e-mail forwards today. It told me to wake up and decide to have a good day. I wish it were that easy. For reasons I’m not willing to get into on the internet, I … Continue reading

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A little change goes a long way….

I feel better just walking into my living room. When I took down the Christmas tree, up late as usual trying to get the house stuff finished after all the other day’s demands are done (and asleep!), the room looked … Continue reading

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Ahhhhh… that’s slightly better.

Okay… it really was driving me crazy. Driven out of my basement office by sub-zero temperatures, I was forced to work in my living room, sorry, I should say, TRY to work in my living room. Every time I tried … Continue reading

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New Year but Where’s the New Me?

I’m feeling overwhelmed again. This seems to be a recurring theme in my life. Just when I seem to get clear of it all something like Christmas arrives and drags me back into my pit of home chaos. My house … Continue reading

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