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Two steps forward…

I did it! For the first time in years, all of my Christmas packages are in the mail and I didn’t even have to spring for the expensive express post as they were wrapped and at the post office in … Continue reading

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Bad Pet Parenting

Poor cat. She’s started sleeping the laundry basket. She’s starting crying to be fed at bedtime. It’s a far cry from her old life. The feline diva used to be the main attraction. She would be fed by the first … Continue reading

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It Takes A Village….

I find it amazing how isolating mothering can be. I mean, we’re surrounded by our kids all day, every day, our personal space is a thing of the past (I can’t even go the bathroom alone most days) and someone … Continue reading

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The Yummy Mummy and other myths…

I went to one of those home spa parties yesterday. You know, the kind where a very together woman slathers you with hand and foot cream and tries to sell you an increasingly expensive line of beauty products. What surprised … Continue reading

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