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Burned rice and other mommy moments…

I burned rice last night. I’ve never burned rice before. Just when I thought I was getting control of my somewhat out-of-control life… I burned the rice. I didn’t think I even knew how to do that (hint: don’t leave … Continue reading

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It hit me, quite literally, yesterday how awesome a responsibility parenting is. Driving home on the highway from church with my two boys we had an accident. The details of the accident are inconsequential, though I will say someone,who chooses … Continue reading

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On Turning Three…

“In October I will be three, and then I can eat peanut butter.” This has been the refrain from my almost three year old for the last few months. I have been cautious about introducing nuts because of allergies in … Continue reading

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The Lure of Silence…

The house is finally quiet. The kids are either off at school or day care and the husband is at work. After a week with an unfriendly visit with the rampaging flu, it’s a blissful sound. I have my cup … Continue reading

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I’m Published!

Well, I’m finally published in a book. After more than 15 years writing for periodicals and broadcast, I am branching out. It’s not my first choice for the kind of book I’d choose for my work but it is a … Continue reading

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The Terrible Twos?

They call them the terrible twos, and while my son is nearing three and generally a very well-behaved child, we have reached them. The struggle between no longer wanting a mid-day nap and still being young enough to need the … Continue reading

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The Beest Photography

Well, it’s official, we are a two small business family. Scary. Thank goodness the husband still has a full time job on the side. Income issues aside, I’m actually really excited he’s starting to think more seriously about setting himself … Continue reading

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